2nd Annual Dr. Karen M. Trujillo Memorial Poetry Contest

Thank you Mr. Tim Stanley for coordinating and hosting this event.

The 2nd Annual poetry contest awards was held on May 5, 2023 at Organ Mountain High School. This year the number of entries grew from 6 in year one to 29 this year. We awarded $1,000 to some deserving students thanks to a donor that has asked to remain anonymous.

It is our goal to grow this event in the future to include an art show as poetry and art are two if Dr. Trujillo’s passions in life.

Big congratulations to our winners and a thank you to all 29 who entered the contest.

First Place, $500

Jayna Marks

Second Place $300

Erin E. Enriquez

Third Place $100

Baileigh Hinds

Honorable Mention $50

Analeia Muñoz

Honorable mention $50

Denise Chavez

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