Dr. Karen M. Trujillo

Memorial Foundation

Is a nonprofit organization created in memory of the late Dr. Karen M. Trujillo who was a lifelong educator and advocate for students and teachers in New Mexico. The foundation is dedicated to create a better future for all children by providing scholarships to aspiring teachers in New Mexico.


Scholarship Endowments

The Dr. Karen M. Trujillo Memorial Foundation is currently funding scholarships at New Mexico State University and Western New Mexico University, with plans to expand to all Universities throughout New Mexico that offer Teacher Education Programs (TEP).

New Mexico’s Dr. Karen M. Trujillo, leader in education, one of USA TODAY’s Women of the Year honorees


Changing the narrative of being a Karen

Social media has erupted in millions of examples of why being a “Being a Karen” isn’t necessarily the best display of good character.

Why is the internet picking on the Karen’s of the world?

The Dr. Karen M. Trujillo Memorial Foundation launched last year with the hashtag #BeAKarenNM not as a reminder of those memes we are all familiar with, but to challenge you to be the Karen we knew. Karen Trujillo lived by some pretty simple rules: Put our children first. Value our teachers. In competition and in life, always be a good sport that lifts others up instead of tearing them down. Through the foundation, our goal is to provide scholarships and opportunities to grow the quality and quantity of our educators in New Mexico.

So when you see our hashtag, or scroll past a post about the “other” Karen’s, remember what #BeAKarenNM exemplifies. Help us be the change the world needs for our students, our teachers, and our future.

Karen wouldn’t want it any other way.
To Be a Karen NM, means to: Believe in others, empower, be authentic, put kids first, do all things with grace, be resilient, be exemplary, have no fear of failure, be nurturing, be mindful. #FinishStrong

What People Say

“She was especially dedicated to the mission of Educators Rising New Mexico, an organization she founded which cultivates highly skilled educators by guiding young people on the path to becoming teachers.”

  • Ben Trujillo

“At the end of every email here at LCPS, Dr. Trujillo’s signature line was “In service to the children and educators of Las Cruces.” Her life emulated those words every minute of every day, and those are the words that will help the rest of us see her vision to reality.”

-Kelly Jameson

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